SOS ladies

Our Story- Shiela's Story

Enter is Sheilas Story here

Meet the Board

The five of us are just a small part of the bigger picture.  Who's involved in the bigger picture?  Our front porch hero's (growers), local garden hero's, route drivers, and farmers.


Michelle Orwick


Michelle has a small farm in Milliken and houses most of our plants in the green house and keeps them happy while they are getting strong.

Hollie (2)

Hollie Traylor

Vice President & Treasurer

Hollie is a massage therapist, is on the Milliken Town Board and on our Board.  She helps make A LOT with all the in's and outs of getting the plants to the correct people and makes sure all money handling is done correctly.

Sheila 2

Shiela Woodson

Founder & Outreach Director

Is that really her title?  No... we don't have an official title for Shiela.  She's just so amazing and helps so much in telling people about what we do and our story.  Since really the story is her's to tell.


Lindsy Richins

Project Manager

Lindsey is a volunteer working with the ladies at her church and helps us.  She is the one who keeps everything in order and sometimes she even keeps us in order.  🙂


Amber Biddle

Social Media Coordinator

Amber volunteers at her church teaching children and does Social Media for us.  You won't see many pictures of Amber as she is usually behind the camera.