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Hero's wanted! Sign up to become a front porch vegetable grower or backyard gardener! We provide the vegetable seedlings and pots, you provide the water and the love.  Or you can sign up for one of our delivery routes.

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Who We Serve

We deliver fresh produce from backyard or front porch vegetable growers as well as local farm donation.  This produce gets delivered to local food pantries, churches and senior centers for distribution to the needy.

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Are you a farm or grocer?

Do you have unsold but still edible produce you would like to see go to families in need?  We can set up a one-time or regularly scheduled pickup for delivery to local food pantries.

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What we have accomplished...

Sowers of Seeds has operated for two growing seasons in the towns of Milliken and Johnstown, Colorado. We are currently working on our 3rd growing season. In our inaugural year, Sowers of Seeds recruited 50 growers, and teamed with area farm, and together we delivered over 2000 lbs of fresh produce to 4 local food pantries and senior centers.  In our second year, we recruited 100 growers, and together, along with the help of area farms, we donated over 5000 lbs of fresh produce to 7 local food pantries and senior centers.  We are not only fighting hunger, but reducing food waste as well.  This year we hope to source and deliver even more fresh food to neighbors in need.  We're excited for the opportunity to this year team up with our local 4H group to make an even bigger differences in the lives of neighbors. Want to help us?

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Next Steps...

Sign up to become a grower or to volunteer as a route driver. Please email us at or visit us at